July 22, 2022

How old were you when you went on your first diet?

How old were you when you went on your first diet?

One of my new clients this week explained how her first memory of dieting was attending a weight watchers meeting with her mim at just 6 years old. That first experience tragically led her down a path of distrusting her body, perpetually desiring weight loss, and essentially micromanaging every morsel of food that went into her mouth.

She has spent the majority of her life on earth hating her body and restricting herself from parties, foods, experiences and more. Her relationship with food is skewed, and when she is around “forbidden” foods she can’t seem to stop eating them until she’s so full she feels like she can burst. Then the triggers come with guilt, shame, and regret, along with the urge to restrict even more. And so the cycle begins again and again.

What if I told you that you could go an entire day without body checking yourself in the mirror, anxiously planning every meal you have, or believing the lies that diet culture has fed you for all of these years? What if I told you that freedom from diet culture was possible and that true health has absolutely NOTHING to do with the size of your body?

My proven framework helps clients first unlearn the unhelpful messages and tactics of diet culture, creates a new foundation to grow, and then empowers individuals with tools and resources to improve their health and heal their relationship with food!

I believe in intuitive eating whole heartedly, and I am extremely passionate about helping others. If you’re done dieting and want to actually start taking back control of your health, it would be an honor and privilege to work with you!

Nicole started Good Soul Nutrition with you in mind. She wished to create a company founded on the principle that perfection doesn’t exist, but rather we should believe in ourselves and that the person we are tomorrow will be more loving than the person we were today.